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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mathri and Namkin for Holi Festival

Some two decades back when i was kid ,todays night ie Holi Eve was full of zeal for us,we would wait patiently for the warm ghujias ,which would be lined on a tray ,munching them slowly on our way for the Holika Dahan,after the ritual we would greet everyone Happy Festival ,

those were the days,now sitting here as i write this post i am nostalgic ,i am missing those days when i was too naive to understand anything,too immature to say just anything without understanding the impact,
too busy in my own world to live in the moment
back in India everyone must be getting ready for Holika Dahan,
Sometimes i feel how boring and monotonus life would have been if there were no festivals,as festivals are something which bind us to our culture and our traditions.

Many delicacies are prepared for the festival i have already blogged about Ghujia ,todays post i will be sharing pics of Mathri and Namkin for the festival.

Recipe of Mathri and Namkin is Blogged here
Recipe of Baked Namkin Blogged here
Linking this post to
The Weekly Story Week 70 hosted by Colours Dekor
Thats all friends,wish you all happy festival
take care and happy blogging.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Platter with Baked and Fried Nimki

Its been too long since i baked anything
i know i am not perfect in baking
but sometimes i try to do things on my own
which results in something like this

this something was edible
this something which i baked
of my moms recipe

is baked Nimki,..;-)

How i did
Followed the same procedure for Nimki ,
preheated oven to 100 degree centigrade
baked the cut out nimki for four minutes.
Linking this post to
 Baked Nimki - Bake Off event hosted by Versatile Vegetarian.
 Fried Nimki - Deep fried snacks event hosted by Tickling Palates
Do check my other space for Festive Decoration.
Thats all guys ,..see you all soon,..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Round up of Lets Celebrate with Colours

It was real fun to host colourful and festive event Lets Celebrate with colours

thanks a ton friends for sending such awesome entries for the event,i truly enjoyed hosting the event and ya this wouldnt have been possible without the dash of colours which you all have send to make the event colourful,:-) enjoy the roundup which has some spicy chaat,sweet dishes,refreshing drinks,snacks and some curries perfect for rice and chapati
to start the round up
First entry is of Sheetal my friend from singapore she is on with two yummy chaat entries Misal 
which is street food of maharashtra and Dahi Puri  another famous street food known by different names
Asha of Foodie hope has sent spicy samosa chole chaat which is one of my favourite
Lets have some sweet dish in between theres Makhana kheer to indulge from PJs kitchen
To munch on theres perfect looking peanut chikki from ramyas space  ,
yummy looking kobbari laddoo and refreshing badam kheer
Cham of spice club has joined in with two festive delicacies Samosa and Rasmalai 
from shamas space there hearty gulab jamuns for the event
Smita of little food junction has joined in with colourful  creative entries
Jyoti of panch pakwan has joined in with delicious looking malpuas
theres Samosas to pick  from Nishas kitchen thy look so yum
Priya of mharo rajasthan has joined in with two yummy recipes of malpua ,kathal ki sabzi and dahi vada
Srividhya of vidhus kitchen has sent refreshing guava sorbet perfect for the season
theres something spicy to try from ruchikacook blog bhagare baingan
Sweatha of Curry leaf has sent baked shakkar paras and refreshing drink thandai 
Usha of spicy kitchen has joined in with colourful platter of paneer tikka kabab
 Shabitha of my home kitchen has joined in with delicious looking chicken red curry
Thats all frens,..thanks a ton again for sending such yummy entries for the evnt and making it colourful,...:-)
enjoy the colourful treats cee u all soon,..:-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holi festival delights Namkin and Mathri from my moms kitchen

Its almost holi time ,everyday there is some festive cooking going on in our kitchen,from past two days Mathris and Namkins is being fried , todays post gonna be Holi Special post ;-)
First recipe is of
Recipe name NAMKIN
Recipe source my mother
Preparation time 15mins
Cooking time 30 mins (depends on the quantity)
Recipe category snack
one kg all purpose flour
water to knead the dough
salt as per taste
asafoetida pinch
carom seeds two tbsp
Mix three to four tbsp of refined oil in the flour 
mix to the consistency that ball can be made of the dough by hand
add salt,asafoetida and carom seeds
slowly add water and knead smooth dough
keep aside.
with the help of rolling pin and pastry board roll out the dough 
pierce through the rolled out dough with help of fork
cut in one direction with help of knife
and then in opposite direction 
heat oil in wok
once oil is hot lower the flame 
and fry the nimkis till brown in colour
they can be shaped out in diferent shapes too with the help of cookie cutter .
Second recipe is of Mathri
for mathri dough diffrence is addition of chickpea flour and red chili powder while kneading the dough.
 rest all steps remain the same,..
Event entry
Srivalli is on with Kids delight event and the theme this month is Wholesome Snacks so the mathri and nimki are off for her event
Priya is on with Hearts for St.Valentines event heart shape nimkis are off for her event
and to my own event Lets celebrate with colours  
thats all frens,,,enjoy cee u all soon till thn happy blogging,..:-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Veggies stuffed mushroom for Global Kadai

Today while bloghopping i saw the recipe of stuffed mushroom ,inspired i thought of giving it a try,had mushrooms in refrigerator,its just that i prepared it in paniyaram pan,These stuffed mushrooms are for Sumis event Stuffed Mushroom for Global Kadai
Here goes my version of Stuffed Mushroom
Recipe Name Stuffed Mushroom
Recipe source own experiment:-)
Recipe category snack /appetiser/
Preparation time 10-15 mins
Cooking time 5 mins
Paniyaram recipe
Mushroom one packet washed cleaned and scooped from the centre
For the filling
Green peas handful
oil to cook
grated carrot one
grated capsicum one
cottage cheese 100gm
salt and pepper
brown bread two
cheese spread one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix carrot,capsicum,bread,salt and pepper
with help of spoon fill in this filling in the mushroom
top it with cubed cottage cheese
keep aside
heat oil in panirayam pan
once hot lower the flame
top each stuffed mushroom with cheese spread 
and slowly place the stuffed mushroom in the pan 
keep turning and remove from the pan once brown from all sides
this will take hardly 5 mins
enjoy hot,..:-)
tk cre frens and happy blogging,..;-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Delhis street food Palak Papdi Chaat recreated at home

Everytime i crave to eat Palak Papdi Chaat i cant go to Prince Chaat shop at GK m block market ,so today when i felt like eating this chaat,i thought of giving this recipe a try,and i am so glad i tried this out today,here goes the recipe of Palak Papdi Chaat recreated at home,
For Chaat
Tamarind Jaggery chutney
Coriander chutney
red chili powder
cumin powder
boiled potato
For Palak Papdi
Palak leaves washed and dried
gram flour three tbsp
refined oil four tbsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
cumin powder half tsp
amchur powder half tsp
mix gramflour with water and salt,red chili powder,amchur powder and cumin powder.
heat oil in wok
lower the flame and dip the dried palak leaves in the besan batter and fry till brown from both sides
drain and keep aside
To Assemble
In a serving dish place the palak papdis
top them with curd,boiled potatoes,papdis,coriander and tamarind chutney,bhujia,red chili powder,cumin powder.
As this was the first time i tried this at home this is what i learnt
- batter should have been more watery
- papdis should be served warm,as they loose their crispiness if serving time is prolonged.
Papdis can be served hot with tea or coffee also
 The above platter is off for Paris event at Foodelicious The Combo event
 and the palak papdi chaat goes to my own event at asankhana Lets Celebrate with Colours
 that all guys enjoy the platter cee u all soon,..;-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lets Celebrate with Colours Holi Event

lLast year i forgot but this year i had promised myself that it wont be the same,i am talking about my blogversary frens,which falls somewhere on 9th of March,so this year on 9th of March my blog Asankhana will be two year old.Long way i have come and long way to go to,..:-)and this wouldnt have been possible without your support friends,so thanks a ton guys,
to celebrate blogversary and Holi Festiva l i am on with food event
lets celebrate with colours
after all its Holi :-) u guys can send me anything be it something which u prepared on holi,or traditional holi dishes likes Ghujia,Mathri,Malpua,anything which is related to holi or prepared keeping the spirit of Holi in mind.
Sharing some of traditional recipes link prepared on holi
Sweet dish and drink
another one with gujiya mould
Recipe of Malpua here with rabdi
and anothe one with pineapple here
Recipe of Thandai here 
Another one here
Chat items like
Dahi Vada andhra style
All the above links are from food blog,more info on holi and holi recipes can be seen here.
So guys join me in celebration of Spring Festival Holi +Blogversary by joing me in the Festive Event Lets play with colours
prepare something fresh and festive   and mail me you entries at,
subject will be lets play with colours
link back to the event announcement post
and ya pic of any size will do
event is on from today to 10th of March 2010
thats all frens happy feasting ,cooking and celebration cee u all soon..:-)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Back with Street Food of Delhi Palak Papdi Chat

Eight days continuous,felt as if i was running a marathon,today after the last  paper, went to GK M block market for a change ,didnt had much to do as i was alone,but walk was breather for me,had Pani Puri ,Palak Papdi Chat which is spinach strips in yogurt ,deep fried wheat canapes and potato combined into a snack flavoured with sweet and sour chutney.source taken from here .Maybe someday forced by my craving i will try this ,..;-)
weather wise its quiet warm now during the  day with almost no fog,so its quiet pleasent here,will catch up your posts soon friend,..tkcre and happy blogging,..:-)and ya thanks for the warm wishes too,..


Monday, November 30, 2009

quick fix meal - rice with veggies

Bowl of leftover rice,few veggies ,dash of salt and pepper,pinch of dried chives and few drops of olive oil thats how i prepared this Veggie fried rice,these days i am not giving much time to cooking because of my exams,:-( thats the sad part thats why my posts are flooded since past few days with quick fix meal specially when i am alone  in the kitchen cant help ....

Coming to this recipeof Veggie Rice
Ingredient needed
Leftover rice one bowl
mushroom 3-4 chopped
brussel sprout two chopped
cabbage chopped handful
olive oil half tsp
salt and pepper as per taste
dried chives a pinch

heat oil in non stick wok
lower the flame
add the veggies followed by salt and pepper
stir fry till the veggies are tender
add left over rice,mix well,followed by addition of chives
Serve hot .
These days while studying i like to munch on these

Nimkis prepared by my mother with Chai specially evening time ,
Easy Craft of simple indian food is on with WYF -Tea time snack,Nimki with tea goes to her event

 Enjoy the week frens btw whats ur favourite tea time snack,..??

Friday, November 20, 2009

warm posta halwa with some warm memories

Since past few months my mother was staying with us, somehow had got used to of her,I know it was difficult for her to stay here in delhi but still she compromised because of my training ,such is the love of mothers don’t you guys think so, the day she had to leave for hometown she prepared favourite delicacies for everyone, she prepared nimki and thekua for Advay , mathri for neha and Posta halwa for me ,whole day she spent in the kitchen preparing these delicacies.
Now whenever I open the fridge and reheat the halwa I am reminded of her and her unconditional love ,specially prepared for me I don’t get bored eating this delicacy again and again every evening and this one bowl of halwa gives me much warmth specially during cold evenings.
Recipe of Posta halwa is already blogged here.

Recipe of Nimki and Mathri can be found here,…
Recipe of Thekua is blogged here
Thanks ma we miss you lotz ,take care of yourself,..

Monday, October 05, 2009

Wok Fried Chicken Drumsticks and Green Chili Fritters

In my last post I had mentioned about CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS which I was going to prepare for dinner ,with no recipe in mind I entered the kitchen,first thing which I do when I have no idea what I am goint to prepare is to look for ingredients in the fridge or in my pantry ,I saw kashmiri masala which I had got from Manali trip few months back,since it was just me for dinner I thought of experimenting with it,,,this is how I prepared Wok fried Chicken Drumsticks Served on bed of fried onion and tomatoes with fresh curd

Ingredient Needed

Chicken Drumsticks two

Kashmiri Masala hals tsp

Salt as per taste

Black pepper powder half tsp

Oil one tbsp

Green chili slit lengthwise one

Onion chopped lengthwise one

Tomato chopped lengthwise one


Rub Kashmiri masala on the chicken drumsticks and keep aside.


Heat oil in non stick wok

Once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the chicken drumsticks slowly in the wok

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the chicken and keep turning the sides.

Once done drain on kitchen towel and keep aside

In the same oil add chopped green chili, onion and tomato and stir fry for few minutes.

Before removing from flame add the chicken drumsticks again to the wok, chicken shouldn’t be mixed with the onion and tomatoes.

Spread onion tomato mix ,place the chicken drumsticks on it and serve with fresh homemade curd.

This was my dinner two days back,…and ya I did sprinkled chat masala before serving…I know sometimes I over do myself ,and ya I again missed hubby and my sisters,..:-(

Its October already but delhi is the same weatherwise,today morning I read in newspaper that’s its gonna rain continuously for 3 to four days,I was quiet skepticalas since past few days itw as quiet hot,but I was wrong because it did rain today and this is what I prepared to celebrate Rain..Hari mirch BHAJI

…and this is how i prepared wash green chilies and keep aside,in a mixing bowl take half cup of chickpea flour ,salt hafl tsp,asafoetida a pinch,grated ginger garlic paste,make a smooth paste with water mix the chillies in the batter and keep aside,heat oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the coated chillies into the oil,keep turning till they are brown form both side.Serve hot with tea and chutney,...Rain was the reason i prepared them and the weather truly complemented the taste,,,,this plate of Mirchi Bhaji with tea if joining Aparnas Kitchen for High Tea Event started by Meeta of Whats for Lunch Honey,...

Will be back soon,..frens,..Happy Karva Chauth to all and a happy week,...:-)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Holi ki mubarakbad pakwano ke saath,.......:-)

Wish u all Happy Holi 2009
In North India Holi Celebration starts one month before the festival by preparing Chips,papads,mathri,nimki at home,bulk amount is prepared and distributed to friends and relatives. Gujhia which is the traditional sweet of Holi is prepared two days before the festival and ya fresh ones are prepared to offer to god on the festival day.Recipe of Gujhia i have blogged in my last years post here goes the pictorial
of the Ghujia which me and hubby prepared this year,along with Ghujia Thekua
is must sweet dish prepared in our kitchen on holi day ,Thekua goes well with Red chili pickle or can be eaten alone too .To prepare Thekua mix half kg whloe wheat flour and 250gm all purpose flour ,sugar 250 gm or as per taste,half tsp baking powder ,finely chopped almond,raisin,cashewnut,grounded green cardamom.In another vessel boil 2 ltr milk and let it thicken ,once done cool the thickened milk and mix it to the flour mixture .Keep the milk and flour mixture for two hrs before preparing thekua,after two hours heat oil in non stick wok and once the oil is hot ,prepare thekua by the same way wada is prepared i mean same wet hand technique,have blogged the recipe for wada here,slide the thekua once oil is hot  into the oil and lower the flame ,keep turning the thekua till it becomes brown from both side,drain on kitchen towel and serve with red chili pickle.
Priti of Indian Khana asked me recipe of Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Aachar ingredient needed for Red chili pickle 2kg red chili ,50 gm cumin seeds,50gm onion seeds,50 gm ajwain ,50gm fennel ,2 tsp fenugreek seeds,250 gm yellow mustard seeds ,250 gm dry mango,salt as per taste,turmeric powder two tsp,100gm coriander seeds,asafoetida a pinch,mustard oil 200gm.Procedure-Wash and dry Red Chili in sun for three days ,dry roast cumin,ajwain,fennel,onion seeds,fenugreek ,coriander seeds,to the dry roasted ingredient add grounded mustard powder and dry mango powder ,in another vessel mix this masala mixture with asafoetida,turmeric powder and salt .Slit the red chillies with help of scissors,scoop out the seeds and mix in the prepared masala,followed by mustard oil,with help of clean sterile stick push in the masala mixture into the red chillies ,to preserve the pickle in clean and sterile jar dip each pickled chilli in mustard oil and place in the jar ,whatever oil is left fill in the jar,shake well.Bharwa Lal Mirch ka Achar is ready to use.
Holi Special Snacks Platter which has Ghujia,Thekua,Mathri already blogged ,Nimki and Red Chili Pickle .
To prepare Nimki knead dough same way as done for mathri,roll out with help of rolling pin,cut in one direction and then cut in opposite direction resulting in diagonal shaped NIMKI,shallow fry and serve hot with tea or coffee.
Our holi dinner was of Urad Kachodi,Malpua,kathal sabji,Dahi wada,colurful salad in red wine vinegar dressing ya we washed it all down with another Holi delicacy Thandai :-)
Recipe of Urad Kachodi
is already blogged here,Dahi wada is blogged here and have already shared recipe of Malpua in my last yrs Holi post.
For Raw Jackfruit Curry ingredient needed -raw jackfruit chopped one kg,onion paste of three onions,onion chopped lenghtwise three,garlic cloves 12 chopped,ginger one inch chopped,potato cubed three,green cardamom,four,black cardamom three,cloves six,bay leaves crushed two,salt as per taste,oil to cook,mixture of one tsp each of coriander,turmeric and red chilli powder ,mix and keep aside and one tsp garam masala powder.
Procedure- Heat half tsp oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot add crushed bay leaves ,followed by onions and fry potatoes and jackfruit,once half done remove from falme and keep aside.In the same wok heat half tsp more oil and once the oil is hot ,lower the flame and add green cardamom,black cardamom,clove and onc ethey start spluttering add onion ,ginger-garlic paste and keep frying till paste starts changing colour,once half done add the masla mixture followed by salt and fry further till oil is seed along the sides,now add already fried jackfruit and potato mixture ,fry for a minute or two and transfer to pressure cooker ,add require amount ofwater and and pressure cook for two whistles.Serve hot with rice or Kachodis.
For the Colourful Salad in Red wine Vinegar dressing
- mix chopped carrot,cabbage,low fat cottage cheese ,fresh parsley leaf ,lettuce leaf together ,add the vinegar and toss well,
I prepared thandai from Haldirams thandai mixture just add two tbsp of thandai mixture in chilled milk and serve garnished with chopped almonds.Another look at the DINNER Platter :-)
This whole post is off for Priti and Purvas event Festive Food  theme this month being Holi hosted by Purva.
Urad Kachodi  and Dahi WADA are off for Lentil Mela hosted by Ashwini of spicy cuisine and Urad Kachodi goes to JFI wheat hosted by Romaspace and started by Indira of Mahanandi.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Thandai,Salad are off for Recipe for the rest of us event theme this month being Picnic eat started by Ramki of one page cook book and hosted by Trupti of Recipe Center.
Gujhia and Thekua are off for Lets go nuts Almonds Event hosted this month by Jz of Tasty treats and started by Aquadaze.
Mathri,Nimki,Thekua,Gujhia,Red Chili Pickle and Urad Kachodi add flavour to Lakshmis SWC Meal on wheel,...
I guess thats lotz for one post,..enjoy the feast and festival,..will catch u all soon,..till thn take care,...hppy bloggin,..:-)